Chuck Patch has had a lifelong passion for photography, yet somehow never managed to either turn it into a career, or relegate it to a simple hobby. He first became “serious” about photography in 1970, gradually moving from a 35mm SLR with a telephoto lens to a Leica rangefinder with a wide-angle lens. It is the camera he still uses more often than any other.

For most of the period from 1970 until the end of 1987, he carried a camera everywhere, photographing whenever possible until, with the responsibilities of parenthood and a career that wasn’t photography, it seemed to become impossible. During the 1970’s and ’80’s he often set projects for himself and accepted the occasional assignment.

In 2004 he began photographing again, now with no set purpose, and his photographs have become more about his wanderings and personal experiences than illustrations of any great themes or explorations.